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Dec. 02, 2017 - Erin's collected thoughts from the Nov. 28 meeting

Please scroll through my drawings (below).  The first is a step into cryptozoology with the Phoenix.  I discussed how this majestic fabulous bird was found in stories from various cultures.  It has a description in ancient China (Dennys, N., The Folklore of China, 1876, p.112) as being a sort of cross between a peacock and a pheasant, with the neck of a tortoise and the beak of a sparrow.  It's in many rebirth stories from Egypt, to China, and then Europe (Nigg, J., The Phoenix, 2016, frontispiece and throughout).

Next was the tale Tracy brought- Jenny Greenteeth.  She will elaborate on this in her post, I'm sure, but basically Jenny was a fairy who dragged children into the water to their deaths.  She had seaweed hair and eyes of a frog, and hideous green teeth.

Finally, we have Coyote, as told by Jayne from Native American history, and also found in First Nations stories.  In the picture I (tried to) draw, Coyote was fighting with Tar.  Coyote is also involved in creation stories.  

-E. Kourelis

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